Jeremy Ryan is a professional photographer here in Nashville, Tn. With a large spectrum of work, ranging from album cover art and headshots to event photography, Jeremy continuously caters to his client's needs while always staying true to his artistic sensibility.

Jeremy is a photographer that shoots to edit. He sets up frames understanding his 'behind-the-scenes' process in mind. Before stepping on set with a client he understands his client's end goal while keeping his artistic perspective intact.

Jeremy is widely known for going above and beyond for a photoshoot. From setting up a victorian living room in the forest (lighting and all), to spending ten hours covering a baby grand piano in vintage sheet music, this photographer never backs down from a challenge. He'll stop at absolutely nothing to get "the shot". 

Jeremy's work has been featured in NYLON, Nashville's NATIVE, nationally distributed FOLK Magazine and a full feature on POPSUGAR giving a photo tour of his creative space. His most recent endeavor features work on the NICKELODEON  new show "100 Things To Do Before High School".